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How do I identify genuine Crizal Lenses?

Crizal Lenses will have a unique Fog ID on the lenses. This can be identified by fogging the lens. The Crizal Single Vision range of lenses have this fog ID. The FOG ID reference is given below. Also, along with the lenses you will be provided with the Authenticity card & cleaning cloth.  Crizal Prevencia and Transitions will not have any fog ID on the lenses.

Fog ID reference

How do I know the price of Crizal Lenses?

Crizal lenses are available in 3.1 million designs and materials hence and it is not possible to put down all the prices. Please visit your opticians for the right price.

Is there an authorized retailer for buying Crizal Lenses?

Crizal lenses are available at leading Optical store, there is no exclusive Essilor /Crizal store. Opticians will be able to recommend to you the right Crizal lenses based on your prescription, needs and lifestyle. You can look for a Crizal specialist board outside the store as well.

What to expect when you purchase your Crizal lenses?

Crizal lenses will be handed over to you with the complete package of Crizal microfiber cleaning cloth, Crizal Authenticity card and an Use n care manual.

Whom do I contact incase of any issues/queries?

In case of any issues related to your Crizal lenses, you may contact the Eye care Professional/ Optical stores from where you purchased your Crizal lenses and they will address your issue.

If your issue is still not addressed please feel free to call our toll free number 18004258383 or email us to essilor@essilorindia.com

Are Crizal lenses Scratch proof?

No lens can ever be scratch proof; they can only be scratch resistant.

Lenses are subjected to wear and tear because of usage and environmental conditions. They are specially coated so that they can withstand this wear and tear but not forever. This is why people are advised to change their lenses at least every 2 years.

Crizal lenses come with the world's best scratch resistance coating "Titus" which helps Crizal lenses to last longer than the normal lenses.

Crizal lenses also have other properties of being – Anti-reflective, Smudge resistant, Water repellent, Dust repellent & UV protection.

Are Crizal lenses Anti-Glare?

Crizal Lenses are Anti-Reflective lenses and have 99.2 % transmission of light – these are the clearest lenses that you can ever get. Anti-Glare lenses are those which cut off harsh/blinding light and protection from this is only with Polarised or photochromic lenses (check out our polarized Xperio lenses or Crizal Transitions and Crizal Sunsations lenses).

Is there a warranty or guarantee on Crizal Lenses?

Essilor India does not offer any guarantee or warranty on Crizal Lenses.